Orton Glass Testing Instruments

The Orton Series of Glass Testing Instruments are designed for determining specific temperature points or specific temperature / viscosity ranges. This is ideal for glass manufacturers, researchers, or technologists that are interested in specific temperature points, such as the softening point, annealing point, strain point, liquidus point, transition temperature, and are also interested in various temperature ranges of viscosities.





Complete Series of Orton Glass Testing Instruments:


Temperature Points

Softening Point (Littleton Fiber Elongation Method - ASTM C-338) Model SP-1000 Series
Annealing and Strain Points (Weighted Fiber Elongation Method - ASTM C-336) Model ANS-800 Series
Annealing and Strain Points (Beam Bending Viscometer - ASTM C-598) Model BBV-1000 Series

Viscosity Ranges (Log Poise)

Log 14.0 to Log 9.0 Range (Beam Bending Viscometer - ASTM C-1350M) Model BBV-1000 Series
Log 9.0 to Log 5.0 Range (Parallel Plate Viscometer - ASTM C-1351M) Model PPV-1000 Series
Log 5.0 to Log 2.0 Range (Molten Glass Viscometer - ASTM C-965 Proc. A) Model RSV-1600 Series

Other Glass Tests

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE - ASTM E-228 & ISO 7791) Glass Dilatometer
Glass Transition Point (Tg) Glass Dilatometer
Dilatometric Softening Point (ASTM E-228 & ISO 7791) Glass Dilatometer
Liquidus Point Determinations(ASTM C-829) / Glass Batch Reactions Liquidus Furnace
Softening Point Approximations (Labino Penetration Viscometer) Model SP-3A

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