Glass Dilatometer Model 2010 STD

for Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE - ASTM E-228 & ISO 7791)

Glass Transition Point (tg)

Dilatometric Softening Point

The Orton Glass Dilatometer Model DIL 2010 STD is a standard bench top, horizontal, digital dilatometer for ASTM E-228, C-372, & ISO 7791 testing that measures the expansion and softening characteristics of a glass specimen from room temperature up to 1,000°C. The Orton software quickly and easily finds the Glass Transition Point (Tg) and the Dilatometric Softening Point (Ts). By specifying the temperatures, or range of temperatures, the software quickly and easily calculates the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) or alpha (α).



The Orton Glass Dilatometer (Model DIL 2010 STD) comes complete with a Kanthal wound tube furnace, Type S sample/control thermocouple, adjustable contact pressure and a precision LVDT. The fused quartz sample holder and push rod accommodate samples up to 50 mm long (2”) and 20 mm (3/4”) cross section. The thermal cycle of the furnace is controlled by the user friendly Orton PID Control System, and data is stored on the on board computer. After the test is run, the data can be downloaded via a RS 232 serial connection to a user supplied computer system. Or if desired, the user supplied computer system can be connected to the Orton controller via the RS 232 serial port for real time test monitoring.


Intuitive, easy-to-use Windows® 95/98/00 based analysis software is provided. The PC can receive up to 32,000 data points (time/temperature/percent linear change) for extremely long runs. Data from up to 6 runs can be compared. Data can be printed graphically or in tabular form or exported as an ASCII file. Software features include comparisons against temperature or time; zoom into part of the curve; and examine percent linear change, differential or average coefficient of expansion, calculation of transition and softening point temperatures, a-b quartz transition temperature, and coefficient of expansion calculation for any temperature range. The photo to the right is the screen display showing the automatic determination of the glass transition temperature (Tg) and the dilatometric softening point (Ts)

The photo to the right is the screen display showing the automatic determination of the the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) for the glass sample over a series of temperature ranges.

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